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Global Seaways Group was established in 1997, with a strong determination of the company to be totally committed to the highest level of quality.

Through the years of providing a reliable and quality services Global Seaways  Group of Companies had gain the trust of its client and gradually accumulated a vast number of vessels to be managed.  The policy of Global Seaways is to ensure that client requirements are properly handled and exceed to their satisfaction.

Leading member of the Group is Global Seaways S.A. which offers a complete Crew Management and Manning services to shipowning companies and enjoys a good name and reputation of providing efficient, reliable, competent and well trained personnel to its various clients, operating worldwide.  Services offered through all member companies of the Group are as follows:


·         Crew Management 

·         Manpower forecasting

·         Visas and other International travel documents

·         Payroll and other contract benefits

·         Administering Medical Schemes and Supplemental Insurance Policies

·         Expense MGA / Crew Payroll onboard

·         Manning Disbursements / Processing of all Invoices for Payments

·         Preparing relevant annual budget

·         Arranging and keeping seafarers personal data

·         Accommodating promotion of crew onboard

·         Training Familiarization (Principal’s SMS)

·         Assisting crew on their professional licenses and certificates

·         Arranging documentary requirements for Flag State Licenses of competence

·         Monitoring Labour updates

·         Arranging and assisting for all principal’s personnel medical examinations

·         Provide Legal assistance to the Principal of all the disability and legal cases.

·         Provide exceptional Training Services through its licensed training center (NAUTILUS PACIFIC MARITIME TRAINING CENTER)


In order to remain in the forefront of providing quality services in the Maritime

Industry, Global Seaways S.A. had successfully obtained ISO 9001:2008 (QMS) with the relevant rules and regulation incorporated to the company’s quality system manual, which is in accordance to the latest Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC).


            Global Seaways, is likewise tasked to manage, monitor and control its members group of company’s operating in other different country to make sure that its policy is being adhered throughout the organization.  


Subsequently members group of company’s are:  



Global Gateway Crewing Services, Inc., is a manning recruitment agency, based in the heart of Manila, Philippines.  Global caters the recruitment of qualified and competent Filipino officers and crew. To ensure quality of its services Global had obtained ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System (QMS) and certified as compliance with the latest convention non other than the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC).   Due to the efficient, reliable and diligent performance of the Management and Staff, Global Gateway Crewing Services Inc., were able to meet client expectation and remained to be the leading suppliers of quality seafarers in the Philippines.





            Wise Maritime Ukraine was formed to recruit Ukrainian officers and crew in order to satisfy clients who preferred the services of different nationalities.  Its aim is to provide the clients a maximum level of customer focused and reliable supply of crew services. 


            Wise Maritime obtained ISO 9001: 2008, an agency certificated with Quality Management System (QMS) and likewise compliance to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC).  The Quality Management System of Wise Maritime is envision to built a strong heritage of uprightness, innovative and comprehensive services to maintain its good name and reputation in the Maritime Industry.





To have a complete and properly organize services to its client, Nautilus Pacific Maritime Training Center Inc., was conceived.  Latest machinery, specifically training Simulator was purchased as well as the remodeling of its facilities to ensure the crew training environment is convenient, comfortable and conducive for learning.  


Nautilus has a qualified trainer and staff personnel who are professional and with technical ability to design and develop different courses in line with the latest trend of STCW 2010.


            In order to provide its customer a full level of quality services and to ensure that Nautilus is a well build training institution providing professional and quality trainers Nautilus, has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification, which is attested and certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).



 Cadetship Program


Global Seaways has initiated this program with an objective to produce a remarkable set of future officer that can provide a better service to its customers & their vessels.


In order to achieve its objectives it is likewise the policy of Global to enhance all its Cadets (Deck / Engine / Electricians) through a theoretical training program. A rigid screening is also required by Global, thus all cadets covered with this program must be a graduate of Bachelor of Marine Engineering and or Marine Transportation with good scholastic record.



Global Seaways is confident that the Cadetship training programs is the main basic foundation of every cadets to develop their skills and proficiency in actual work conditions as it continue to inculcate personal discipline and work values.